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     Gitanjali Heritage is situated in an exotic location in Kasaragod, the nothern district in Kerala. Place renowned for its backwaters and Bekal Fort. This place has become one of the favourite hubs for tourists.Surrounded by paddy fields, the home really transcends you to an ethereal world. It was dream to support tourism and related activities. Well supported by his family, his dream was accomplished in the year 2002, when they set up "Gitanjali Heritage" for tourists who are really interested in exploring nature. Gitanjali Heritage gives you a first hand experience of Malabar cuisine and hospitality.

     It is classified as a heritage homestay,under the Grihasthali scheme of Kerala Tourism Deptartment. Gitanjali Heritage, the sixty five year old home, earlier known as Kodoth house,combines the legacy of Kerala heritage, is a two storied home, 3100sq.ft in area. It has single and double bedrooms with modern amenities. Its three large living halls will give one a taste of traditional Kerala home, making it ideal for business meetings too.

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      Panayal has a rich and varied cultural history. The many "Tharavadus", original centres of clans with their " Theyyam ", the oldest ritualistic temple art form in India and one of the most spectacular in terms of artistry and symbolism. Theyyam literally means a form or shape, which is usually the representation of a divine or heroic character from mythology.Yakshagana, a classical art form of Karnataka is very common in Kasaragod. We offer you a chance to enjoy the heritage of our place. There is an ancient fort in Panayal contemporary to the Bekal, shows the historical significance of the place.

     We offer you a chance to experience the true heritage of our place, a provincial headquarter of early rulers and the many taravadus(central homes of communities). There was an ancient fort in Panayal contemporary to the Bekal, shows the historical significance of the place. The Shiva Temple here, noted for its red brick " Gopurams " and "Chuttu Mathil" has an important place in the social and spiritual life of the village people. Apparently this was rebuilt by late Kookal Chindan Nair, the original owner of Gitanjali Heritage.

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